Understanding the Essentials of Class Administration and the Mechanics of Class Instruction

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Sections III and IV, For the Next Generation: The Urban Ministry Institute's Mentor Manual

The Essentials of Class Administration
To be a solid facilitator and mentor of adults in training demands that you be well organized, clear in your communication regarding assignments and duties, and careful in your record keeping. In many cases, the difference between a good and unsound mentor is their attention to detail, especially in managing their schedule, processing grades, communicating assignments, and offering specific counsel at the appropriate times throughout the course.

The Mechanics of Class Instruction
Flexible structures that can be adapted for your site's needs are a staple in TUMI''s educational philosophy. With so many dozens of contexts employing our training regimens and materials, it would be impossible to insist on a single, "perfect" means of teaching, hosting, and facilitating meaningful training experiences in all our partner sites. You and your colleagues will need to use your wisdom and follow the Spirit's leading as to how you will structure your training. Feel free to experiment as you strive to find the most appropriate and edifying structure that best suits the needs of your students and serves the availability of you and the other Mentors.


Managing Your Class Schedule

Coordinate with the Site Coordinator the timing and overall schedule of the course you will be teaching selecting the timetable that is best for you and your students.

Studying and Planning: Your Personal Preparation

Excellent teaching demands that you comprehend the material in its broadest scope, getting the big-picture perspective of all the key issues and concepts, and drafting a plan to hit each point squarely, deeply, and appropriately. In preparing for the course, you should make it a priority to look over the Mentor Guide and review the overall cope of the course or module along with the assigned required textbooks. Also check our website and forums for postings related to this particular module or course:

Preparing Class Paperwork

Managing your classroom records is an essential task of effective classroom administration.

Required Textbooks, Reading Assignments, Quizzes and Exams

Please visit our website to see the latest, official required textbook list for your module or course. The website posting will always represent our most up-to-date listing of all TUMI required texts.

  • www.tumi.org/books for our OFFICIAL English Capstone required textbook listing
  • www.tumi.org/libros for our OFFICIAL Spanish Capstone required textbook listing
  • www.tumi.org/foundationsbooks for our OFFICIAL Foundations for Ministry Series required textbook listing

The Capstone Curriculum reading assignments posted on our website are keyed specifically to the lesson format of their modules. Please visit www.tumi.org/books (or www.tumi.org/libros) and click on the reading assignments link for your module. Edit the Sample Reading Assignment document and the Reading Assignments Form form for your class.

Print Handouts of All Key Materials for Students

A key part of your class preparation involves creating and distributing handouts for your students to keep them abreast of the course schedule, the weekly reading assignments and the importance and nature of critical thinking.

Readying Your Facilities and Classroom

A comfortable, clean, and well-lit learning space adds dramatically to your students' ability to participate in a meaningful learning experience. Excellence should be the standard for every dimension of your learning and teaching venue, and your preparation, even in the smallest details of classroom management, will enhance the overall enrichment of your course and sessions. As in everything we do, we serve the Lord Christ, and he is worthy of our very best, to God's glory (Eccles. 9.10; Col. 3.17, 24; 1 Cor. 10.31)! For specific details about facilities, classroom preparation, equipment, supplies, and snacks, refer to pages 84 - 85 in your TUMI Mentor Manual.

Assigning, Recording, and Processing Student Grades

Your satellite and its training experiences exist to facilitate and equip leaders for the urban church. A formative and central element of that training is accurate and regular record keeping of student information and grading. Careful recording keeping helps you know the status of each student, keeping current in their contact information, and following their progress academically and ministerially.

Leading a Capstone Module or Foundations for Ministry Series Class Session

In our TUMI Mentor Manual, pages 95 - 105, you will find our suggestion of what kind of format best suits an effective facilitation of our Capstone modules and Foundations for Ministry Series courses. These resources are specifically formatted to be similar in structure, which enhances both student and mentor familiarity with the course outline and approach. These materials have been design for flexible use. However you choose to structure your learning format, and whatever you choose to do, the outline of managing a class session found in your TUMI Mentor Manual can help you facilitate a classroom meeting thoroughly and excellently.

Handling Projects and Student Assignments

Pages 106 - 113 of your TUMI Mentor Manual cover the description and guidelines for you as Mentor as you explain and evaluate the student's work for the module and course assignments for both our Capstone Curriculum and Foundations for Ministry Series: The Exegetical Project, The Ministry Project; The Book Reading and Precis Assignment; and Scripture Memory Assignment.

Print out the documents below and give to your students to help them better understand how to complete the Exegetical Project. If your students follow the steps listed here, they will grow immensely in their ability to exegete and communicate the truths of Scripture.

Dealing with Difficulties in the Classroom

It is inevitable that there will be issues that arise in your classroom in regards to doctrinal controversies, academic challenges, absenteeism or student dropout, and student discouragement. These difficulties are addressed in pages 114 - 118. Please take the time to read carefully through this section so you can better facilitate your class sessions and encourage your students in the midst of real challenge. We do have a real enemy and he will seek to thwart the students training and progress. May the Lord pour his grace upon you as you lead.

Accessing Resources Quickly from Our Website

For the Next Generation: The Urban Ministry Institute's Mentor Manual

Our site contains a plethora of resources and informaiton geared specifically to those who equip leaders and facilitate church planting movements among America's urban poor. Here you will find a few of the key links that will resource you as Mentor as you seek to train leaders at your satellite.

  • www.tumi.org/capstone : Capstone information, samples, objectives, and links to Capstone products in the store are found here
    ~www.tumi.org/books : English Capstone Required Textbooks
    ~www.tumi.org/libros : Spanish Capstone Required Textbooks
    ~www.tumi.org/kindle : Capstone and other TUMI resources available on Kindle for your purchase
  • www.tumi.org/foundations : Foundations for Ministry Series Courses/Workshops along with course syllabi, quizzes, final exams and answer keys for all courses and workshops (your Site Coordinators has access to this)
    ~www.tumi.org/foundationsbooks : Foundations for Ministry Series Courses/Workshops Required Textbooks
  • www.tumi.org/forums : TUMI forums exist as information-sharing spaces for dialogues concerning key issues to urban leadership development and urban mission.
  • www.tumi.org/satellitefaq : Here you will find a host of questions that we have been asked by our partners related to everything from administration to specific course or module concerns. This is an excellent resource for our mentors as you mentor your class and counsel students.
  • www.tumi.org/mentor : brings you to this page of mentor resources
  • www.tumi.org/sacredroots : TUMI's explicit passion is to help urban churches retrieve the Great Tradition for their renewal and revitalization. We have developed a one-stop location filled with resources to enable you to see and experience the richness of the ancient consensus of the Church and its potential for spiritual formation and effective urban mission.
  • www.tumimedia.org : TUMIMedia.org provides you direct access to the heart of the Institutes vision and burden for the city. This website hosts literally hundreds of live audio teaching, videos and teaching outlines delivered by Dr. Davis and other World Impact leaders.
  • www.tumi.org/store : Our TUMI Store hosts several store that sell our resources and products. From training curriculum to art, our store is intended to resource you as you seek to equip leaders and laborers for the Kingdom.
    ~www.tumi.org/products : for quick access to all of our resources (other than art)
    ~www.tumi.org/art : for quick access to our art products
  • www.worldimpact.org : TUMI's parent ministry, World Impact, Inc. is an interdenominational missions organization dedicated to evangelizing, equipping, and empowering the urbna poor in the inner cities of America.
  • www.tumi.org : TUMI is the research center of World Impact, Inc. To support and further World Impact's purpose and vision, TUMI seeks to facilitate dynamic, indigenous church-planting movements among the poor to reach the inner city unreached populations.