By Multiplying Qualified Spiritual Laborers

The vision that inspires us, drives and encourages us, that moves us is rooted in a simple biblical axiom: God's method of transformation and mission is people.  When God wants to accomplish something great for his namesake, he raises up a man or a woman on whom he can anoint, by whom he can fulfill his covenant promise, and through whom he can work.  Above all else, TUMI is established on this essential conviction: God is raising up a new generation of Christ-centered servant leaders who are biblically equipped, spiritually vital, and technically competent to accomplish God's task of planting the Church in the cities of America and the world.  Since our beginning, we have sought to live out this vision, and to see God work through his chosen vessels who would launch pioneer urban church planting movements.  Our vision is to identify and equip God's called leaders who are emerging from and called to serve and plant these churches in these movements.  We are trusting the Lord Jesus through them to spawn aggressive new church planting initiatives among the poor in America and across the globe, and thereby fultill the Great Commission among America's and the world's urban poor.