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Dallas Christian College (DCC) provides the opportunity to TUMI graduates to successfully transfer their TUMI credits into a degree program of their choice. DCC offers Associate Degrees in Business (A.A.S.) and Humanities (A.A.). DCC offers Bachelor Degrees in Practical Ministries (in Ministry Leadership, Youth & Family, or Intercultural Studies), Biblical Ministry, Worship Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies, Business Administration, Psychology, and Teacher Education. For more information about the academic programs that are offered, you can go to: www.dallas.edu/academics.

TUMI students can transfer completed TUMI modules for credit into any degree program, if the module grade is a “C” or higher. Transferring students can transfer in enough modules to cover up to 18 credit hours at DCC

DCC also provides a unique learning format for the non-traditional student. Through FLEXCampus® (www.dallas.edu/flexcampus), each class is only six weeks long, meeting one night per week. Students have the option each week to attend class:

ONCAMPUS – Join your peers on the DCC Campus

ONLINE – Interact live with the class remotely

ONDEMAND – Watch the recording of your class on your own time

How Students can Access the Program

To apply for admission to DCC, prospective students can go to: www.dallas.edu/apply to begin the application process. It is there you can find what else you will need to do for admission to the college.

For TUMI credits to be transferred into the college, the partnership between DCC and TUMI operates on a “make good” basis. If a TUMI grad comes to DCC and earns a good grade in Introduction to Biblical Research (or any of DCC’s 2000-level or higher Bible or Theology classes), then DCC will accept and transfer in the following TUMI courses, assuming the student earned a “C” or higher in the TUMI courses:




  • BS-2005 Bible Interpretation
  • BS-2009 OT Witness to Christ
  • BS-2013 NT Witness to Christ
  • BIBL-1331 NT Survey
  • BIBL-1332 OT Survey


  • TE-2006 God the Father
  • TE-2010 God the Son
  • TE-2014 God the Holy Spirit
  • THEO-2310 Themes in Biblical Theology


  • TE-2002 The Kingdom of God
  • UM-2004 Foundations for Christian Mission
  • UM-2016 Doing Justice and Loving Mercy: Compassion Ministries
  • MINL-1310 Foundations of Leadership


  • BS-2001 Conversion and Calling
  • UM-2012 Focus on Reproduction
  • UM-2008 Evangelism and Spiritual Warfare
  • PMIN-2310 Evangelism


  • CM-2003 Theology of the Church
  • CM-2007 Foundations of Christian Leadership
  • CM-2011 Practicing Christian Leadership
  • CM-2015 The Equipping Ministry
  • PMIN-4350 Practical Ministries Internship

In all, 16 TUMI modules = 6 DCC classes (18 credit hours maximum) on a make-good basis.      




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