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Whether preparing for vocational ministry, seminary, or professional service in the workplace, Cairn students receive an education centered on Christ and His Word. Cairn University will provide qualified TUMI students with an organization tuition discount for a Degree Completion Program, and various Masters programs, several of which have online options available.

An Opportunity for TUMI's Capstone Graduates

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much will students pay for transfer credits?
A: Transfer credits are free.

Q: To which degrees will TUMI Capstone transfer credits apply?
A: Cairn's traditional undergraduate program or degree completion program.

Q: Which of Cairn's degrees are available online?
A: Graduate programs (MED, MBA, MAR) are fully online. The Masters in Organizational Leadership is a hybrid; some time would need to be spent on campus. Counseling and MDIV programs are on campus. Online options can be seen here.


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