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Pillar College welcomes TUMI students and offers the opportunity for students from The Urban Ministry Institute to transfer credit to Pillar.  Each module is worth 1.5 credits at Pillar, with a total of 24 credits potentially transferred into Pillar College, as mapped out below.


An Opportunity for TUMI's Capstone Graduates

Based on The Urban Ministry Institute/Capstone Curriculum’s current curriculum accreditation status, seat time requirements, and faculty qualifications, credits will be transferred as follows:

Pillar College Courses   Capstone Curriculum
BIBL-101- Old Testament Survey   Modules 5 and 9
BIBL-102- New Testament Survey   Modules 13 and 14
THEO-201- Introduction to Christian Doctrine   Modules 6 and 10
BSCM-224- Pastoral Ministry   Modules 11 and 15
BSCM-101- Spiritual Formation   Modules 1 and 2
BSCM-241- Evangelism and Missions   Modules 8 and 12
MSCM-245- Urban Ministry   Modules 4 and 16

How to Apply

Pillar College offers a Biblical Studies Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Biblical Studies, Business Management, Elementary Education, and Psychology and Counseling.  Transferred credits would satisfy courses in the Bible Core, which all students receive as part of their degree requirements.

Click here to apply to Pillar College.

Frequently Asked Questions

Note: Students from The Urban Ministry Institute who wish to pursue a degree program with Pillar College may transfer credit according to standard transfer practices and policies of the college.  Relevant policies include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The amount of credit accepted depends on the applicability of individual credits to specified curricula.
  • The decision of the Pillar College Registrar constitutes final authority for transferring credit.  No credit is officially given without the Registrar’s approval.
  • Minimum grade requirements and limits on allowable transfer credit will apply according to the student’s degree program.

Click here for the complete Transfer Credit Policy of the College.


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