cap mod 5Module 5: Bible Interpretation

According to the clear testimony of the Scriptures themselves, God equips his representatives through the Spirit-breathed Word of God, the Scriptures. Everyone God calls into the ministry must determine to discipline themselves so as to master its contents, submit to its injunctions, and teach its truths. Like a workman (or work-woman!) they must strive to handle the Word of truth accurately, and so be approved of the Lord in their study (2 Tim. 2.15).

In this course we outline the need for biblical interpretation, and what is required to carry out this great task. We will explore both the divine and human dimensions of the Bible, and introduce an effective method of biblical interpretation designed to help you approach your study of Scripture so as to bridge the gap between our ancient and contemporary worlds. In addition, we highlight the importance of literary types in biblical interpretation, and explore the numerous kinds of solid scholarly reference tools available to us as we attempt to understand the meaning of a biblical text.


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