SIAFU Men's Conference 2012: War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds Urban Men's Conferences, 2012

Theme Song: War of the Worlds

The theme for this year's Urban Men's Conference was War of the Worlds.

As soldiers of the Cross, we fight an enemy from the spirit realm, not human flesh-and-blood foes, but cosmic forces of the darkness who are determined, cunning, and deadly.  Together we learned how to fight, taking up the armor of God, and striving together as warriors on behalf of Christ and his Kingdom in the midst of the urban neighborhoods where we live and work.  What a wonderful time we had together at the Men's Conferences, both at the Oaks Camp and Conference Center and Mornimg Star Ranch. The worship, teaching, fun and games, fabulous food, and meeting and networking with each other was a great encouragement. These were our largest gatherings yet, with approximately 350 men in attendance in California and approximately 120 in Kansas.

Urban Men's Conference, The Oaks, June 2012                                                             Urban Men's Confernce, Morning Star Ranch, October 2012

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War of the Worlds
Don L. Davis

Warriors gathered, the Day is upon us
Trumpets sounding, can't you hear the battle cry?
(in this) War of the worlds
God's battalion, Christ's mighty armyWar of the Worlds PPT Banners waving, signal that it's now time to fight!
(in this) War of the worlds

See God’s angels with the demons collide
Holy captains of the Kingdom of light
Not by power nor might, but by the Spirit of God
Will we conquer in this land where we trod (in this)

War of the worlds, war of the worlds
We do battle in the name of the Lord
(in this) War of the worlds
War of the worlds, war of the worlds
God will crush the devil under our feet
(in this) War of the worlds

They can try, but they can't stop us
Christ the Victor, our commander goes on before
(in this) War of the worlds
Take God's armor, go, take possession
No weapon fashioned can hurt us or destroy anymore
(in this) War of the worlds

Don L. Davis © 2012.  All Rights Reserved.

A War of the Worlds Warrior's Code

WOTW Warriors Code English 1000

 Warriors Code Spanish 1000



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