SIAFU Men's Conference 2013: Mo' Power

Theme Song: Mo' Power

Mo' Power Urban Men's Conferences, 2013

The theme for this year's Urban Men's Conference was Mo' Power: The Power to be Delivered, the Power to Overcome, and the Power to Testify.

There are two kingdoms in conflict.  One of these rulers is God Sovereign Almighty, the Lord of the Heavenly Armies, who’s Kingdom will rule overall.  The other is the Prince of the Power of this world, the god of this age.  His purpose is to rule and to reign and his priority is to keep in bondage the souls of men by keeping their minds blinded to the Gospel Good News of redemption in Jesus Christ of Nazereth.  Though Jesus has defeated this prince the battle continues to rage around the world including our urban centers where Satan seems to have a lock down on men.  But God is ever on the move  and His Kingdom continues to expand and advance in the hearts of men and releasing these men, who were once bound by this prince of evil, to take their cities back for God.  These Kingdom soilders have been given power to confront the kingdom of darkness.  The time is now as urban men are rising up and shouting the battle cry, “Sho' nuff got Mo' Power.”  Over 300 urban men gathered at THE OAKS to worship and be challenged by Dr. Don Davis with 1) the power to be delivered, 2) the power to overcome, and 3) the power to testify.  It was an amazing movement of God.

                Urban Men's Conference, The OAKS, September 2013                                                                Urban Men's Conference, Morning Star Ranch, October 2013

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2013oakstitleslide 600Mo' Power
Don L. Davis

It’s in His name, flowin’ through my soul
I sho’ nuff got mo’ power!
It’s from my God, much greater than I know,
I sho’ nuff got mo’ power!
It’s like a river, wellin’ up in me,
I sho’ nuff got mo’ power!
It’s through the Blood, I’ve got the victory
I sho’ nuff got mo’ power!

(I’ve got) The power to walk right,
The power to talk right,
The power to live right, oh yeah!
I’ve got the power to make it through,
In His name I really do
Possess mo’ power!

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Don L. Davis © 1999.  All Rights Reserved.

The Mo' Power Code: Boldy Receiving the Power of God Within Us