cap mod 8Module 8: Evangelism and Spiritual Warfare

Evangelism is proclaiming and demonstrating to the world that God has visited the world in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, and that this visitation is now accompanied by liberation from the devil and from the effects of sin! To evangelize is to prophesy deliverance in Messiah Jesus.

This module covers in a broad outline the key dimensions of evangelism and spiritual warfare, including the Bible’s telling of the war of the universe that was caused by the disobedience of the devil and humankind. God's good creation was made subject to demonic powers and death, and humankind is now enslaved by selfishness, disease, alienation, and death. Through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, believers are delivered from Satan's dominion, as well as from the effects of the Curse through the power of the Spirit. In this module we discuss how to prepare for effective urban evangelism through intercessory prayer, personal soul winning and public preaching, and introduce the concept of the household network, or oikos in urban evangelism. We close our discussion by stressing the need to conserve the fruit of our evangelism by following up new converts, that act of "incorporating new converts into the family of God so they can be equipped to grow in Christ and use their gifts for ministry."


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