cap mod 6Module 6: God the Father

The study of the person of our God, the Father Almighty, is one of the most important and richest of all studies in the Word of God. It affects every part of our discipleship, worship, and ministry; truly, as our Lord Jesus said, “And this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent,” (John 17.3).

This module covers in broad outline the systematic categories of the study of “theology proper.” We begin by outlining the concepts of general and special revelation, and carefully explore the importance of studying the doctrine of God in terms of God's immanence, i.e., his present and active involvement in creation, as well as his transcendence, God's infinite nature and unknowableness. We also examine God's supreme authority and providence over all creation and history, how the Father Almighty is sovereign over all, the source of all life, and the Sustainer of all through his Son, Jesus Christ. In addition, we will look at the biblical evidence for the Trinity, God's triune personhood, and finally discover God's marvelous goodness demonstrated in his moral attributes of his perfect moral purity, absolute integrity, and unbounded love.


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