cap mod 3Module 3: Theology of the Church

The Church of God in Jesus Christ is one of the most refreshing and important themes of all the Scriptures. Jesus of Nazareth, through his death, burial, and resurrection, has been exalted as head over his new people, those called to represent him in the earth and bear witness of his already/not yet Kingdom. To understand the Church’s role in God’s kingdom program is critical to every facet of personal and corporate discipleship; there is no discipleship or salvation apart from God’s saving action in the Church. Grasping what God is doing in and through his people empowers God’s leader to represent him with wisdom and honor. The Church is foreshadowed in God's exalted purpose to bring glory to himself by saving a new humanity through his covenant with Abraham. Through its worship, witness, and good works, the Church through the ages displays the unity, holiness, universality, and apostolicity of its communion. In the Church, God displays his kingdom life and shares his offer of grace to the world.



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