cap mod 2Module 2: The Kingdom of God

Of all the subjects preached and taught by Jesus of Nazareth, none are as significant and controversial as the subject of the Kingdom of God. Both conservative and liberal scholars agree that Jesus’ favorite subject, the one he preached and taught upon most often, is the Kingdom of God. It was his salvation message, master plan, and heart theology. Sadly, the modern Church seems to pay little attention to what Jesus considered to be most important in his prophetic and Messianic ministry. Our hope is that your heart will be gripped by the kingdom story - the King and his Kingdom - and see its importance in the life of personal discipleship and ministry.

In four lessons, this module provides a bird’s eye view of the Reign of God, from a discussion how God’s absolute sovereignty and lordship of God was defied by the devil and the first human pair to the inauguration of God’s reign in Jesus Christ and his incarnation. Now that our Lord Jesus has died, risen, and ascended into heaven, the Kingdom of God is being proclaimed throughout the world by his Church. God’s reign will soon be consummated at the Second Coming of Jesus, where death, disease, and all evil will be put down, all heaven and earth will be renewed, and God will become All-in-all.

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