ministry in a multiculural image for web 600Ministry in a Multi-Cultural and Unchurched Society

The seminar concentrates on how to minister effectively among unchurched, multicultural communities, and all the complexities that this entails. It includes topics such as conflict resolution in the church, demographic research and development and spiritual development for the minister. This course’s main purpose is to help each student better understand the themes, issues, and concepts associated with doing effective spiritual ministry in a multi-cultural and unchurched context. In a culturally diverse and increasingly neo-pagan religious context, the effective pastor and Christian worker must strive to become proficient in the truths and practices associated with making disciples in the 21st century.

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This course may be applied toward Christian Ministry or Urban Mission, TUMI course # U2-750. If you are a satellite of TUMI, you also have access to a syllabus for this course that allows you to offer this course to your students for credit.



Required Textbooks: Anthropological Insights for Missionaries, Paul G. Hiebert | Out of Ashes, Keith Phillips | Reconnecting God’s Story to Ministry, Tom A. Steffen
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