Mentor Support

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Jesus exhorted his own disciples that when a follower was fully trained, he would become just like his master (Luke 6.40). Our commitment is to ground, challenge, inspire, and equip you as you mentor classes at TUMI. None of the quality time and resources you give to understanding our philosophy and the ins and outs of leading a TUMI course will be wasted. In our judgment, it is the best investment you can make in your training and the fruit you experience from it -- equipped students who can rightly handle the Word of God.

Be sure to obtain a copy of "For the Next Generation: The Urban Mininstry Institute's Mentor Manual" from your Satellite Site Coordinator. This represents a comprehensive how-to for Mentors to understand both the elements of our teaching philosophy and the mechanics of facilitating a satellite course. Familiarize yourself with the overall TUMI purpose, strategy, and pedagogy contained in this manual. Please read this manual through BEFORE you begin your work as a Mentor. After you have read this manual,
please read carefully and check the boxes on the MENTOR SIGN-OFF form, indicating that you understand
and support the Insittute's doctrine, programming, and strategy. Sign the document and give to your Site Coordinator.