The SIAFU Network

The SIAFU Network is a national association of chapters anchored in local urban churches and ministries dedicated to the city.  SIAFU chapters are designed to help identify, equip and release spiritually qualified servant leaders to reach and transform our neediest, unreached communities in urban America.  

The mission of the SIAFU (pronounced See-AH-foo) Network is to establish a viable, effective network of urban Christian men and women whose goal is to inspire each other to take full responsibility for one another's lives and well-being, for their marriages and families, for their churches and congregations, and for their communities to advance the Kingdom of Christ in the city.  Our desire is to empower urban Christians to both befriend and mentor one another in order to equip each other to evangelize our unchurched family members and friends, to follow-up and disciple new Christians to live the Christian life, and to serve as faithful stewards and servants in our respective Christian churches as outposts of the Kingdom where God has placed them.